‘Pro-lifers’ have a funny way of showing it

your say May 20, 2019 01:00

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Like most “pro-life” hypocrites HHB doesn’t give a hoot about how many women die from back alley abortions when abortion is illegal.

Nor does he give a hoot that his hero Donald Trump cut off funding for family planning programmes throughout the world, despite the fact that the UN says family planning can prevent over a hundred million abortions a year.

Most “pro-life” people also tend to love war, have zero concern for the lives of non-humans (how can you compare a fertilised human ovum to an adult ape who is at the mental level of a nine-year-old child?”) and support the death penalty. Their attitude towards an innocent person who might get executed is: “Sorry, Charlie. Better luck next time.” And what about people who die because they can’t afford to pay for an operation?

I’d have more respect for the “pro-life” hypocrites if they didn’t take the abortion issue out of context while ignoring all these other issues that involve life.

Eric Bahrt

Chiang Mai