Why all this fuss about Thai democracy?

your say April 12, 2019 01:00

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Re: “Thais should be wary of foreign-aided democracy trap”, Have Your Say, April 9. 

Vint Chavala wrote that only the military can be trusted to put Thailand back on track. In that case, why bother with an election and other parliamentary brouhaha? There is no need for a Constitution as well. 

Just continue ruling the country and bulldoze any opposition or dissent, as the people cannot be trusted with their preferred choice of politician. 

Also, the military should welcome any foreign dignitary who bothers to waste their time monitoring legal action against Future Forward’s Thanathorn, knowing as it does that all allegations are merited. This way, the military can prove to the world that it is clean as a whistle and that Thanathorn is the real weasel.

Jeff Chong


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