China’s ‘cabbage strategy’ is destroying national – and natural – sovereignty

your say April 12, 2019 01:00

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Within Philippine territorial waters in the West Philippine Sea lies the Verde Island Passage, a pristine marine sanctuary considered to be one of the earth’s most important regions of biodiversity, especially for smaller species of fish; nearby is a small mangrove reserve.

To this precious pearl, part of a sovereign nation, China has dispatched a 3,000-tonne dredging vessel, which by merely dropping anchor has begun the process of destroying the environment, a practice which the ruling Chinese Communist Party considers politics as usual.

Slowly there will be more layers added to China’s “cabbage strategy” until “poof”, another military installation appears.

Perhaps our two regular propagandist contributors can concoct an explanation for this sacrilege. The only question remaining is, will we see new pseudonyms appear with the lies?

Michael Setter