Scientists and priests powerless in face of multi-limbed pumpkin god

your say April 08, 2019 01:00

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Re: “Science cannot disprove the existence of God”, Have Your Say, April 4.

In my opinion, Richard Dawkins sits up there with Charles Darwin, so who am I to doubt his (and the Bangkok Atheist’s) opinion that you cannot prove a negative proposition? 

The rule of double negation holds that propositions must be either true or not true, and cannot be both. So the trick is not in “proving” a proposition but in proving it absolutely. So we will likely continue to believe (or not) in God or in a “multi-limbed pumpkin”, even in the face of overwhelming contrary evidence, unless our belief is destroyed by absolute evidence. Given that this proof is, and seems likely to remain, “tantalisingly out of reach”, we are left with the less satisfying option of having to form our own view and having to retain a healthy scepticism of religious dogma and of science.

Christian Knott


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