Buddhism not a religion? Some things are better left unsaid 

your say April 04, 2019 01:00

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Re: “For a definition of atheism, see Buddhism”, Have Your Say, March 27.

I believe that JC Wilcox owes an apology to all practising Buddhists out there. I know that I would be insulted if someone insisted that Christianity is not a religion. But apparently, Mr Wilcox believes that Buddhism is above religion.

He writes: “The greatest disappointment is to see Buddhism portrayed and practised as a religion.” 

To make matters even worse, he adds that: “By definition Buddhism is atheistic.”

I have met many fervent religious believers who mock Buddhism by asserting that is not a true religion, and that their religion is the real one. Mr Wilcox adds further fuel to the fire by insisting that Buddhism is not a religion, even though he himself claims to be a practitioner.

I understand where Mr Wilcox is coming from and what he is saying. But given that Thailand is primarily a Buddhist nation and that even the leaders of the country preach that Buddhism is the national religion, I believe that Mr Wilcox went too far in asserting what he did.

Some things are better left unsaid. This truly is an instance where one would be best to keep his thoughts to himself. A foreigner really has no business in making a mockery of the nation’s religion.


Khon Kaen