Chinese govt has murdered its citizens at rate of thousands per day

your say February 22, 2019 01:00

Re: “Making Uighurs learn Mandarin is not suppression”, Have Your Say, yesterday.

In 2016, the Victims of Communism Foundation placed the high estimate of the number of Chinese killed by their own government during the last 100 years at 161,990,000, with 100 million suggested as a mean of the estimates made by various researchers. Please note that this number does not include those who died in war. The main causes were social engineering, forced labour, ethnic cleansing, torture, execution, starvation, and flight to escape persecution.

Chinese communist apologist Yingwai Suchaovanich says he has nothing to apologise for. When the government you praise has murdered on average more than 2,700 of its own civilians every day for seven decades and you cannot confess an iota of compassion or regret, then your humanity has been utterly destroyed. This is the heart of the matter – a darkness no one should be forced to endure for even a single day. One hundred years of communist rule has resulted in unimaginable suffering that even the most devoted of historians cannot begin to calculate. Shame on those who would make light of it; they condemn themselves to an existence without feeling while confined in a cage of false pride.

Michael Setter

Chon Buri