Vote-buying rampant – even among Nation readers

your say February 19, 2019 01:00

In the coming elections, money will play an important role again. As such, I have promised my Thai family members that I will pay them each Bt1,000 if they vote for the party which:

1. Confirms the lunacy of burning rice fields/mountain slopes and orders the police to actively hunt the offenders on punishment of being fired for not doing their duty (they only laugh when I inform them).

2. Immediately forbids the use of chemicals in agriculture that harm the health of humans or animals (insects!). 

3. Devolves political and financial power from central to local government as much as possible, ensuring better allocation of limited means and protecting democracy.

4. Promotes free trade as being beneficial to prosperity, eliminating import duties and allowing more competition. A boon would be to raise the tax on “moonshine” liquor and cut the levies on wine/beer, to allow the population some affordable fun.

5. Appoint a candidate for prime minister who is intelligent, educated, honest, experienced and knowledgeable person qualified to represent Thailand on the world stage

6. Overhaul the curriculum at schools and cultivate better teachers who encourage children’s participation rather than ordering their blind obedience.

7. Introduces a rigorous examination for obtaining a driver licence.

I know one party which could make a difference by introducing sound, clever laws. But unfortunately too many people vote with outstretched hands instead of their brains.


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