Agriculture Ministry should be prosecuted for mass poisoning

your say February 18, 2019 01:00

Re: “Dangerous farm chemicals still allowed for at least two years”, National, February 15.

Words are inadequate to condemn the Agriculture Ministry’s decision to allow the poisoning of Thailand’s environment, food supply and people to continue until new and more lethal poisons can be developed.

Greed, lack of decency, lack of common sense, profound immorality and reprehensible selfishness characterises those responsible for making such a decision. Thailand and its children must have such poisons banned from use now. Is it not true that if justice were to be served, those who make a decision which will, without question, result in unimaginable suffering and death, deserve to be executed? Is this not right and true? 

Shame upon the Agriculture Ministry for this unconscionably profane act.

Mr M