With fresh knowledge comes fresh responsibility 

your say February 05, 2019 01:00

Re: “Humans are natural-born killers – deal with it”, Have Your Say, yesterday.

Michael Setter says my argument for veganism is “not compelling” and people must discover the truth for themselves rather than be told what to believe. But sometimes people need a bit of help in order to recognise the truth. This was certainly the case with me. If, in my youth, I had read letters in the newspaper about veganism or had a discussion with a vegan I’ve no doubt I would have become vegan far sooner. But I only ever knew meat-eaters and all I read in the newspapers was that we needed animal products in order to be healthy. Consequently it took me more than three decades to discover that we had no need of animal products in our diet and thus to recognise the injustice of killing animals for food. 

If Michael Setter really is a practising Buddhist – and Buddhists believe in treating human and non-human animals with equal respect – I find his letter quite puzzling.

Jenny Moxham