Get out your wallet, Donald Trump

your say January 21, 2019 01:00

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Who is sincere and who might not be? Both entities “blame” each other, so let’s have both Trump and Congress agreed to immediately reduce their government paycheques by a third to a half and pass the money on to the 800,000 unfortunate victims of the US government shutdown as an advance on their next pay day.

US government bureaucrats are the automotive engine block of the nation. They comprise the essence/spirit of America’s founders. The president is the every-four-year carburetor, both Houses of Congress the spark plugs and the dollar the fuel. (I limit the situation to government civilian employees especially not to include active military personnel.)

Fundamentally it is really internationally dangerous. The situation makes the nation’s leaders look immature, childlike, parochial, very self-serving and essentially stupid.

Something must be done. My suggestion is an answer.

Al Eberhardt