Chiang Mai protesters could be saving judges’ lives

your say January 21, 2019 01:00

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The Office of the Judiciary should drop its lawsuits against Chiang Mai civic leaders who challenged its right to build homes for judicial staff on land encroaching on pristine forest.

First, the fact that the construction was kept from the public for a decade and only revealed a few months before completion justifies suspicion that the project lacked transparency.

Secondly, if the judiciary carries on with the project and eventually puts the land to use, the people of Chiang Mai will not accept the inhabitants as members of society. Protests against these people will go on and even intensify.

Thirdly, those who intend to live in these homes should feel thankful to the protesters, in that this project has been built on a dangerously steep slope. There is a great possibility of a landslide in the future, possibly leading to a great human tragedy.

Hence, the Office of the Judiciary should feel thankful to the protesters – not irritated by them.

Vint Chavala

Chiang Mai