Not perfect, but things are not that bad either

your say January 19, 2019 01:00

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Re: “Actually, it is indeed pretty awful”, Have Your Say, January 18.

Jenny Moxham is at it again, trying to promote her animal-rights agenda by using shock tactics. Having erroneously claimed that animal livers and kidneys are tainted by toxins, she now cites disgusting details of what goes on in some US slaughterhouses. 

Things are not perfect. A report by the UK Foods Standards Agency listed thousands of incidents involving cruelty and neglect, but the report also noted that only a tiny percentage of animals were affected. One of the results of that report is that CCTV will now be installed in all slaughterhouses in England. 

Meanwhile, Michael Setter and Somsak Pola have drawn attention to misleading “facts” and dubious claims regularly deployed by Eric Bahrt. Setter rightly points out how little we know about diet and nutrition. For example, Hong Kong is regularly blanketed by noxious fumes, and this vile mixture obviously makes its way into the lungs of the inhabitants, of whom only around 3 per cent are vegan or vegetarian. 

Yet, according to the World Economic Forum, Hong Kong people have the longest life expectancy in the world. No one is sure why, though tea, steamed food and tai chi seem to be factors. Food for thought.

Robin Grant