Crow for dinner and no democracy for dessert

your say January 17, 2019 01:00

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Re: “An inadvertent admission?”, Have Your Say, Dec 16.

It is no use to keep on fighting when you see no chance of winning. So I gave up.

Let’s give PM Prayut the benefit of the doubt and hope that he’ll turn out to be a benevolent dictator like Lee Kuan Yew, who was in power for 31 years (1959-1990) and made Singapore what it is today. I think Prayut is a good man, but if he falls from grace, it’s going to be because of the political eunuchs and goons who are fawning over him in self-interest. 

Anyway, it finally dawned on me that dictatorship is for developing countries and democracy is for advanced nations. 

Tonight I’ll eat crow for supper for wanting democracy and attacking the junta government in the past. (By the way, I abhor hearing “I told you so.”)

Somsak Pola

Samut Prakarn

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