Smog calls for desperate long-term solutions

your say January 17, 2019 01:00

Re: Air pollution a serious threat to public health

Use discretion? They should make it mandatory, maybe not close but stop all outdoor activities at least and have a contingency plan for such environmental emergencies.

When we in Singapore experienced the worst 2.5PMI from the Indonesian haze, the rains did little to wash it away. All these cloud-seeding and directing mists of water into the sky just shows how clueless the authorities are to deal with the problem at hand. Thailand doesn’t seem to have a contingency plan for environmental emergencies like this.

Mike King 

Rainfall will not eliminate 2.5 particle matter( PM). Its affect will be minimal. 

The larger PM10 will be reduced.

The authorities need to look at long-term solutions. 

Phasing out of all diesel/petrol fuelled vehicles in Bangkok in favour of electric vehicles is one alternative to reduce hazardous PM levels.

Nigel Joey Leggett

Fortunately they can’t dodgy up the figures with smog.

Kim Wright

From Facebook

They may not be taking it seriously, but I am. We have to get proactive. Neither the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration nor anyone else is going to help us. 

I started wearing a mask when out many years ago. Now I wear one all the time when out except when eating. I’ve recently replaced the standard filter which comes with the basic mask with filter material cut from a 3M (alleged) PM2.5 N95 disposable respirator mask available at Big C central. A  green-seal, one-way valve mask is available at Home Pro and Power Buy. 

It’s your body and your choice. Total cost for the two is Bt160. What I can’t figure out is why the PM2.5 levels have been reported at the RTAQ site as being much worse in the late evening and early morning than in the daytime


It’s not any different in rural Thailand where we are getting smoked out during burning season, let alone every other day of the week with idiots burning rubbish and making their own toxic charcoal.

Welcome to the Land of Smiles, All smiles but “no brains” up top !!!


This  is a tourist killer If this keeps up people are going to choose to go elsewhere where there is less pollution The pollution problem has made international headlines and I am sure it’s affecting the tourist trade. Throwing water into the air and washing roads is not going to help Its a joke. 

Start cracking down on the polluters – old buses and trucks. Motorcycles and yes they pollute; factories that spew pollutants as well. Construction sites are not creating this massive pollution problem so stop saying giving this ridiculous reason.  

This is a very weak attempt at trying to assure residents that the government is doing something They are not.