Wooing the tourists – a revolutionary idea

your say January 15, 2019 01:00

Re: “The hunt for pink dollars”, Nation Weekend, January 12-13.

In the wake of the rise and fall of mass tourism from mainland China, and the concomitant problems of zero-dollar tours and behavioural issues that it brought, we now learn that the Tourist Authority of Thailand (TAT) seeks to “woo more LGBTQ tourists”.

At the risk of stimulating certain Have Your Sayers to plumb the depths of their vocabularies once again, I have a new and revolutionary suggestion for TAT. There is a substantial historic market that has been the mainstay of Thai tourism for decades yet has been deterred by tourist trends in Thailand in recent years, so why not try to win it back? I am talking, of course, about that much-abused victim group whose human rights have been trampled upon in our brave new world order of diversity and “tolerance” – namely white, heterosexual, Christian, nuclear families.

Nigel Pike

Phang Nga