Democratic Taiwanese don’t want China’s tyranny

your say January 08, 2019 01:00

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Re: “The majority of Chinese want to see a united China”, Have Your Say, yesterday.

Like an obedient serf, Yingwai Suchaovanich parrots the jingoistic mantras bombarding mainland Chinese on a daily basis, kowtowing to emperor-for-life Xi Jinping and being otherwise disinclined to independent thought.

China is exhibiting a moral vacuity of proportions that are truly incomprehensible in the West. Pharmaceutical manufacturers have conspired with communist officials to sell bogus and substandard vaccines for decades. Fake milk powder is marketed to children, poisoning them, together with plastic rice. Even fake eggs are crafted. These things and more are not merely done for personal gain, but done proudly.

Ethnic cleansing is an institutionalised policy of the Communist Party against which no dissent is permitted.

I could go on for a book’s worth. However, this does not describe Taiwan.

Furthermore, stating that Taiwan has been under Chinese rule since the third century is blatantly incorrect. The Dutch, Spanish, Japanese, Manchus, aboriginals, the ROC and others have also ruled the island during that time. 

Mr Saovanich chirps about how the big Han family just wants to be reunited in order to celebrate the one universe of Chinese cultural superiority. 

Yes, Xi wants Taiwan just as he wants the rest of the world, but the Taiwanese don’t want to be subjugated. A common ethnic descent does not legitimise Xi’s callous disregard for the higher aspirations of others. 

The Taiwanese, whose minds are not propagandised by a nationalistic media and thus are capable of  cherishing personal freedom, don’t wish to accept their would-be emperor’s tyranny, and who can blame them?

Michael Setter

Chon Buri