Understand mankind’s self-obsession

your say January 05, 2019 01:00

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Re: “Is this planet ours to ruin?”, Have Your Say, January 4

Diane Cornelius criticises Robin Grant for placing his self-interest above animal rights and the environmental causes she and her friends support, and I sympathise with her. But to invite the government to legislate away others’ self-interest in favour of animals is unrealistic. Self-interest does not abide by the law.

We, virtually every one of us, are addicts and this defines our society. We all suffer under the unfathomable weight of our self-obsession!

The government is the last place to look for the cure for our folly. There is no cure, no solution to this universal “problem”. We can, however, understand ourselves and practice self-transcendence based upon that self-understanding. This is the true hope for the future of mankind and for your animal friends – understanding.

Michael Setter

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