Peacemaking president has put brake on US military-industrial complex 

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Re: Editorial cartoon of US Defence Secretary James Mattis fleeing from Trump’s madhouse, December 24.

This cartoon is a perversion of the truth. Ludicrous, deprecating, insulting and filled with hatred, it surpasses the boundaries of common sense.

President Trump is in reality a peacemaker. The proof?

1. The Korean peninsula, where he has brokered peace and reconciliation between the North and the South. 

2. Afghanistan, where peace negotiations are in progress. 

3. Syria, where the US mission has been accomplished, as per Trump’s promise during the presidential campaign 

4. Yemen, where peace negotiations are also underway.  

Where are the accolades for Trump? The warmonger called the “Butcher of Fallujah” – General James Mattis – had been fired by President Obama in 2013 for not acting according to his orders.  Trump gave him a second chance, and he failed the litmus test by opposing his boss in the White House. Any real boss would fire a subordinate who acts against his orders. The US military-industrial complex has now lost a very important ally in promoting war!

Wesley Clark, a four-star general and ex-commander of Nato, reported in 2003 – prior to the false “proof” of WMDs in Iraq provided by the dishonest secretary of state Colin Powell – that a high-ranking general in the Defence Department had informed him seven wars were planned in the next five years to take down the following states: Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Lebanon, Somalia and to finish off with Iran (conflict in Afghanistan was already in full gear). Readers can search YouTube for proof of this.

Any balanced person can see the insanity of policies concocted within the inner circles of the US Defence Department and the destructive military-industrial complex – which President Eisenhower warned us about on leaving office.

US historian Carroll Quigley, a mentor to Bill Clinton, states in his book “Tragedy and Hope” that the credo of this cabal is “Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace”. In other words, total insanity.

President Trump is opposed to these nonsensical and utterly dehumanising wars that only bring destruction, suffering and total social breakdown to previously sovereign countries. These senseless wars also take a staggering toll on the US, sucking in trillions of American taxpayer dollars that should be spent on the social fabric, obsolete infrastructure and boosting the morale of its populace.

Go for it, Stephff!


PS: President Trump should be named MAN of the Year!

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