Damage done by junta will last far into future 

your say December 12, 2018 01:00

Re: “Post-poll Prayut govt will lack legitimacy, says academic”, The Nation, yesterday.

There are many aspects to the coming illegitimacy, but the gravest, most long-lasting is the destruction of the credibility of Thailand’s institutions. Think about it: the junta/military/Prayut have invested so much effort in tearing down all the various public institutions that there aren’t really any left which are trusted. Legislators? Nope. The NACC? Don’t be ridiculous. The Public Auditing Bureau (or whatever it is called)? Nope. The Police? Good one! The various government ministries? Can anyone say rampant corruption ended in the education system? University boards? Nope. Etc, etc, etc.

When things go wrong, as they ALWAYS do for a government, where are people going to turn? Anyone? Anyone? Seriously, anyone?

It will take a few more years to truly see the terrible damage wrought by Prayut and his minions; poor, beloved Thailand is in for a much more severe shock to its system.

Sad, sad times in the Kingdom.

Samui Bodoh


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