Lose your temper, lose your argument

your say December 08, 2018 01:00

Re: “Save Thai children from the LGBT sharia”, Have Your Say, December 3

The suppurating sore that is Nigel Pike’s raw nerve is exposed by me again, I note. I read his latest ill-tempered offering while tucking into a juicy bacon, sausage and lettuce sarnie. Indeed, Pike’s expected empty bluster is extraordinarily infantile, by any measure.

More to the point, Pike is by now quite adept at apologising for his typically loose use of emotive and oftentimes volcanic language, while simultaneously excusing his extremist views that continually flip the bone at our hard-won democracy. 

Here’s the latest example of Pike’s formulaic excusatory: “Not every North Korean is a Kim Jong-un; not every LGBT-er is a tyrant. It’s the ideology and the enforcement thereof that is the problem.” Does this “enforcement” include beheading, strangling, poisoning, dismembering and incarcerating? Pathetic, inappropriate and way too late.

Suggestion: If you want to pick another fight with certain classes of people who aren’t here to defend themselves, moderate your language to a suitable level. You might get a modicum of sympathy for your views by less-intemperate members of your Onanistic Tendency.

However, conflating the likes of Kim, MBS and so on with the LGBT community is par for the course with Pike. Wednesday’s apoplectic outburst by him is only to be expected. His “reasoned exposure” would be laughable, were the topic under consideration not so obscenely portrayed by this intolerant zealot. 

At this juncture, the best piece of advice I can give to the serially erupting Nigel is calm down – you lose your temper, you lose the argument again. 

Dr Frank