A wolf in herbivore’s clothing

your say December 07, 2018 01:00

Re: “Two gladiators of the diet debate put down their knives”, Have Your Say, yesterday.

The final sentence of Dirk Sumter’s interesting anecdote caused me to choke on my morning cup of tea. The story so far: magazine editor William Sitwell made a joke about killing vegans, which he emailed privately to vegan tyrant Selene Nelson who was seeking to run a series of vegan articles. Nelson chose to make the private message public. Result – Sitwell was forced to resign in the wake of the predictable uproar. How often have we read stories like this?

Dirk informs us that the two subsequently kissed and made up. Nelson then donned the cap of righteousness, saying that if two people with different opinions can explore this issue without hurling abuse, “We’ve made progress as a species.”

No we (expletive deleted) have not! What I would like to say to you, Selene “Miss Goody Two-Shoes” Wilson, is this: Sitwell has made progress, but you haven’t, you hypocritical, career-destroying, tyrannical vegan fascist!

Nice one, Dirk, keep ’em coming. Don’t worry about my morning cup of tea problem – it’s all part and parcel of reading Have Your Say.

Nigel Pike

Phang Nga

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