Should we be spilling the dirty secrets of dead presidents?

your say December 07, 2018 01:00

If HHB wants to dig up dirt on a dead US president, allow me to pick up a spade and join in. Let’s delve down a little into John F Kennedy’s family tree.

His maternal grandfather, John F Fitzgerald, was a two-term mayor of Boston. His administration was laden with nepotism, patronage and graft and, finally, he got kicked out of the US House of Representatives for vote fraud.

JFK’s dad, Joseph P Kennedy, made most of his fortune from insider trading on the stock market, bootlegging during the Prohibition era and associating with organised crime. He spent tons of this dirty money buying votes and rigging elections to pave the way for JFK to get to the Senate and eventually the White House.

JFK himself was a womaniser and adulterer, who once told a friend, “I get a migraine headache if I don’t get a strange piece of ass every day.” Evidently he didn’t have many headaches in his life. Secret service agents became frustrated by the many women who were sneaked in to JFK’s company for one-night stands. The women were not searched and identified, so the agents had no idea how many Russian spies JFK had slept with in the White House. He could have been blackmailed or even killed.

You see, HHB, everyone has a dark side. But when a person has just died, we courteously refrain from bringing it up. (PS: George HW supervised the execution of JFK? C’mon, man.)

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