Keep that bright light of freedom always shining

your say December 01, 2018 01:00

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Why are tens of thousands of people fleeing to the US? Why are millions from Africa fleeing over sea and land to Europe? Why are millions of people from Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam heading for Thailand?

Because the US, Europe and especially Thailand are lighthouses of freedom. 

They represent trust, hope, friendship, choice, a bright future, health, education and most of all fundamentally forward-thinking positive governments.

Nobody is fleeing to Xi Jinping’s “workers’ paradise” or Russia and most of all, nobody is fleeing to any Islamic country. That’s because these countries have greedy dictators, oligarchs or mullahs as their leaders. 

How long can these lighthouses of freedom keep shining? 

It all depends on the lighthouse keeper’s efforts to keep the lights burning through the severest of storms. 

Al Eberhardt

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