Pavement jockeys making life a misery for pedestrians

your say November 29, 2018 01:00

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Re: “48 motorcyclists die every day on Thai roads. Mai pen rai?”, Have Your Say, yesterday.

Forty-eight motorcyclists die every day on Thai roads, writes Sutipunt Bongsununt, citing World Health Organisation figures.

I am not surprised at this statistic as I see so many bikers without helmets around Thailand. And while I am saddened and have sympathy that so many motorcyclists die on Thai roads, I draw readers’ attention to yesterday’s report in The Nation about “Reckless driving”. My sympathy runs dry for the many motorcyclists who, in addition to believing they don’t need to wear a helmet, also believe they have a right to use pavements and sidewalks in Bangkok. 

As a frequent visitor to Bangkok for many years, I have always been annoyed by their seeming disregard for pedestrians. A few years ago, I believe a law or regulation was put in place to stop this. Well, no one seems to police this very well: only this morning I witnessed yet another pushy motorcyclist using the pavement, arrogantly expecting pedestrians to step aside and, in one case, off the pavement and on to the road. Two weeks ago, I witnessed a similar thing happen – but at night. We can argue all we like about traffic and road conditions, but it still comes down to respect for other people’s lives.

Josephine Ive

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