The new forms of tyranny are well documented

your say November 16, 2018 01:00

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Re: “Another irresponsible dispatch arrives from Pikeworld”, Have Your Say, November 15.

“Empty vessels make the most sound,” they say, and few vessels are as bereft of content or as ear-shattering as Dr Frankfurt-School, who seeks to defend his wretched doctrine with yet another staccato burst of flatulence on this page.

First, the “Pikeworld” he refers to is better recognised (by those who don’t require psychiatric treatment) as the Real World; my letter of November 14 simply related a series of state-perpetrated atrocities in British education and drew conclusions therefrom. 

Second, I regard as “tyrants” any noisy minority of people from the world of identity politics who get up people’s noses, claim victimhood, seek to change meanings in dictionaries, demand that religions abandon their principles and, in this instance, indoctrinate children. 

Third, regarding the “cherry-picking of gender identity”, the meteoric rise in gender dysphoria and self-harm among Western children is a cultural, not a biological phenomenon. This was the conclusion of Professor Anne Hendershott in her study “Transgenderism: Semantic Contagion or Biological Fact?” and was supported by the American College of Paediatricians in their recently updated paper “Gender Ideology Harms Children”.

Although I live near a beach, I have not felt the urge to “stick my head in the sand and dance the Tarantella simultaneously”, but since Dr Frank is clearly an expert at this pastime, I invite him down here to provide a demonstration – preferably on an incoming tide.

Nigel Pike