Another irresponsible dispatch arrives from Pikeworld

your say November 15, 2018 01:00

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Had anyone asked me as recently as yesterday if it is possible to have an entire hive under one’s bonnet, stick one’s head in the sand, and dance the Tarantella simultaneously, I would have said “fiddlesticks”, or something rather riper.

Looking at the Letters page this morning, I saw the words “LGBT tyrants” and immediately thought “Nigel Pike” at light speed. 

As is his wont, Nigel noisily trivialises charged words like “tyranny” and misuses them accordingly. Even by his low standards, Pike plumbs the depths by alleging charges of “state-sponsored criminal child abuse” at others – a charge that is shockingly irresponsible. That sets the tone for his latest offering. 

As regular readers are aware, Nigel Pike is disposed to deconstruct the mechanisms of philosophical and practical democracy at every available opportunity, and as usual from behind the safety of his Thailand 


Today I have no intention of labouring over Nigel Pike’s hyper-right tendencies ad infinitum. 

But suffice it to say that it is not possible to cherry-pick one’s gender identity, and despite all that far-right ideological nonsense about how we educate our children, despite Pike’s tiresome attempts to make us think otherwise. 

In other words, think classical Realism and look at things the way they are, and not how we might wish them to be.

People are what they are, but I have no doubt that, on Pikeworld, everybody conforms to an anti-Darwinist, phrenic-averse view of what is “natural” and that normal – yes, normal – evolutionary difference results in “cultural Marxism”. 

Good grief! In other words, anything that is “different” to Pike’s perfect nuclear family is aberrant, including efforts to address this reality, and to be roundly condemned. 

It’s always rationally indolent for some folks to throw intellectually inappropriate ideology into the mix when it suits, having effectively run out of ideas. 

As a complete contrast on the same page, Eric Bahrt offers some sober and intelligent thoughts on a complex issue.

Dr Frank