The choice facing voters: Prayut or another billionaire pseudo-democrat 

your say November 09, 2018 01:00

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Surveys repeatedly show impressive public support for Prayut Chan-o-cha and Suthep Thaugsuban, yet this is not reflected in media.

But wait and see: the two men could well emerge as heroes of a new democratic Thailand who turned the ship around after grabbing the helm from the self-serving, vote-buying, dictatorial and nepotistic rich who were false prophets of democracy pretending to represent the majority, including poor farmers and wage-earners. 

Do you really believe billionaires, old or young,  are the true, sincere and natural leaders of the majority of Thais? Or for the Kingdom as a whole, for that matter?

Poor and working class people lack their own political party and seem unable to organise in Thailand. And no one inside or outside the country seems to be helping them to do so. Their votes are up for grabs. It is unfortunate that so many Westerners view that the Thai way to democracy is through billionaires and their money – with a little outside help.

The Prayut-way to democracy is a break from the billionaire money trail. Prayut has emerged as a natural reaction to the injustice and unfairness. He has more legitimacy than any billionaire who buys his way to power in a Thailand that is still at a pre-democratic stage.

Of course it’s now all about pure power. Suthep and Prayut have used and are using it in the same way that the rich elite did and do. Suthep cracked the eggs, Prayut stirred the ingredients and soon the omelette will be cooked. Don’t be misled and confused about this pre-democratic stage in Thailand’s history, by all the rage in the media about who is most democratic. The reality is that it’s all about raw power, and that goes for the billionaires who buy their way to “democracy” or Prayut’s controlled and prepared way to democracy. All we are seeing and hearing right now is the moves of pawns in a bigger game, with only two players and two ways forward. 

A Johnsen