Separating the facts of US election meddling from conspiracy theories

your say November 09, 2018 01:00

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By HHB’s standards, his letter on “the battle for a free America” was pretty good, in that he got two things absolutely right.

Many factual reports agree that the voting system in the United States is rigged and it’s correct to say that the fight has only just begun. The rest, well, if anyone truly thinks the “deep state” of the US is run by communists, they must be living in a place far off from reality and truth. 

Stories of citizens being denied the right to vote have been all over the press, with millions being disenfranchised by moving house, spelling errors in their names and past convictions for petty offences. Amazingly, a high proportion are black and Latino. Now what a surprise! And if anyone wants to see the lengths to which senators will go to win an election, check out the maps showing the crazy shape of gerrymandered districts they have created to get a result. It’s also worth noting that 20 senators from urban states represent roughly half of the population. The other rural half of the population get the other 80 senators, which gives a massive advantage to the mainly white country folk of places like Dakota and Kentucky as against the city multicoloured population of New York or Los Angeles.

Huge corrections are needed to the system, and corporate money needs to be eliminated. But nothing is more important than removing the lies that have now taken the place of political fact, lies that HHB is only too willing to propagate.