All pretence of a fair election banished with ban on foreign observers

your say November 09, 2018 01:00

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Re: “Allowing foreign observers for poll will be a poor reflection of our abilities: Don”, Nation front page, November 7. 

Anyone with eyes (Thai or otherwise) can see already that the election is not free or fair even at this stage. One man and his associates have had a huge leg up in the form of unrestricted campaigning with bucketfuls of public money to push a purely populist agenda while anyone else even remotely linked to politics is straitjacketed.

This abominable guy Don is only towing the party line, I suspect, but his levels of delusion about the state of the country and how it is perceived internationally (not a basket case) is frightening. 

Does anyone really know (I am actually asking here) how the junta’s proxy party/parties can actually lose? Is it even possible or not?