Myths about marijuana are a joke that hides serious health benefits

your say November 06, 2018 01:00

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Re: “A warning about marijuana”, Letters, November 3,4. 

Eric Bahrt jokingly offers dark mutterings about using the “evil” and “satanic” drug marijuana. Guffaw. Eric could have written about the irrefutable benefits of this medicine, the positive aspects of which are well known and scientifically proven beyond a scintilla of doubt. This might go some way to humorously explaining why, after exhaustive tests and growing positive evidence, the plant is now widely available for recreational and medicinal use in a lengthening list of US states and countries worldwide. 

I’m sure that many of us have read the usual scaremongering about marijuana being an “addictive” drug (which it is not, unlike socially-acceptable alcohol and nicotine) and that it is a so-called “gateway” substance (again, it is not). Seriously, for people suffering from, for example, crippling arthritis, nerve pain, and cancer-related agony, medical marijuana is a blessing. For those so afflicted, I am fairly certain that they could not care one jot about the legal or alleged moral implications of marijuana’s use.

Eric also comically warns us of one “terrible” symptom of using marijuana: loss of memory. With that line of reasoning perhaps devilish dementia can be made illegal, too? 

I’m now wondering if Eric was stoned when he wrote his contribution.

Dr Frank