THAI president and two pilots must be sacked

your say October 22, 2018 01:00

Thai Airways International president Sumet Damrongchaitham has apologised for the behaviour of two THAI pilots who refused take off from Zurich to Bangkok until two first-class passengers were ejected so that off-duty pilots could take their place. 

The apology is not enough.

THAI’s president, together with the two renegade pilots, should be shown the exit door immediately.

As for the pilots, no international airline would employ them after what happened on October 11.

These people should be made to pay for the damage caused by their inefficiency and misbehaviour – which caused a near two-hour flight delay – in order to prevent such incidents from happening again.

As the old saying goes, “Treat your customers like family”. The THAI president and the two pilots have no rightful place at the airline, if the company is to remain competitive in the ever-tougher international air-travel business.

Chavalit Wannawijitr

Chiang Mai