Bible suggests Trump may be God’s punishment on Americans 

your say October 19, 2018 01:00

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Re: “The prayers of American Christians were answered in November 2016,” Have Your Say, October 17.

Alf Haupt notes that US Christians prayed for the election of Donald Trump and infers that his subsequent victory may be a sign of divine approval.

While I do not believe that the deity would soil his hands by getting involved in US politics, there is a Biblical precedent for such activity. When the Jews were oppressed by the Assyrians, and later by the Babylonians, certain Jewish prophets assumed that God was using the oppressors as a means to punish the Jews for worshipping idols. See, for instance, the Book of Jeremiah. It didn’t mean that God liked the Assyrians and Babylonians. They were just a tool, an implement, a weapon for chastisement. In the same way, much later, Attila the Hun was called the Scourge of God by people who thought God was using him to punish the sinful Europeans. 

Pious commentators like Alf Haupt ought to consider the possibility that God may now be using Trump as a scourge to punish the Americans for their sins. It doesn’t mean that God is a Trump fan. It would be perverse indeed for the deity to favour a man who, among other transgressions, is recorded to have told 5,000 lies. If you wonder what sins the Americans could possibly have committed to deserve such a disaster, go read a few books.

Political pundits might consider adding “the Scourge of God” to the already-impressive list of epithets that Trump enjoys (Don the Con, Donnie the Mouth, the Great Gasbag, the Big Blond Blowhard, Melania’s Sorrow, etc). Just recently Stormy Daniels coined a new one; she calls him Tiny. I have no idea what she might be referring to.


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