A peek into the fantasyland inhabited by Trump supporters

your say October 18, 2018 01:00

Re: “The unbearable triteness of Trump-bashers”, Have Your Say, yesterday.

HHB’s latest sciolism, yesterday: “It is truly frightening that President Donald Trump, elected by a majority [his word] of Americans despite [fantasy] electoral fraud, is still being outrageously vilified.” 

You lose by nearly 3 million votes, and that becomes a majority in some alternative universe. Good grief. That, for me, sets the tone for HHB’s latest creatively fictional offering. As our American friends would have it: HHB, do the math.

We are further informed that CNN actually stands for “Comic News Network”, a common enough expression of infantilism when indigestible truths get in the way of blatantly grotesque falsehoods. Further to this, and inferred by the above correspondent, we should all genuflect before PINO’s nescience. We should also, as a result, presumably accept that the epithet “fake news” is actually an Orwellian truism, and endorsed as the handy ordure of choice by any number of tin-pot dictators around the world.

It would appear that, in order to set the record straight as he sees it, HHB further suggests that we should consult the Internet, that byword for 100 per cent truth, accuracy and balance in all instances. Does that include Trump’s selective amnesia when one of his Onanistic Tendency lackeys is tasked to threaten the medium, specifically Google, with shackles when its agenda does not dovetail with that of PINO? (“Trump’s dangerous claim to the Internet he wants”, Financial Times, August, 31).

Apparently we should also watch Trump’s rallies to gather the pearls of wisdom that gush from PINO’s mouth, studded with cheap-Pocahontas, beat-the-crap-out-of-’em, and misogynistic “female dog” moments, alongside other Trumpian presidential language. No thanks, Nuremberg rather put me off that kind of thing. 

Dr Frank


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