MotoGP will be back next year – but maybe not in Buri Ram

your say October 15, 2018 01:00

Re: “Moto GP 2019 – an appeal to the Baron of Buri Ram”, Have Your Say, October 11. 

Mr Pike is correct in his assertion that adding further seating in the Buri Ram racetrack would be useless. Thailand was awarded the International Moto Grand Prix race for three years. Originally, it was scheduled to occur somewhere in the streets of Bangkok, but for whatever reason, the idea was shelved. So as a fallback, Buri Ram was chosen. But the race does not need to be staged in Buri Ram for the full three years; it can occur anywhere else in the country. Thus Baron Newin Chidchob of Buri Ram would be wise to be wait before hastily adding seats to the racetrack.

As an aside, South Korea was awarded the Formula One car driving race, also for three years, but it turned out to be a complete disaster, probably because the race was not held in Seoul but in some far-out place called Yeongam. As a result, few people went out to watch it, and what’s more, the racers were constantly complaining about the substandard track conditions.

I hear that the Baron has designs on bringing Formula One racing to the Buri Ram racetrack. Although some bike racers complained about the track in Buri Ram, it seemed that attendance was not an issue here. So it may be possible that a top-tier international car-driving race will be held in Thailand in the future.