Parties sincere about democracy would boycott this fake election

your say October 12, 2018 01:00

Re: “Prayut must quit as junta chief, premier”, Nation editorial, September 26.

The political parties should by now have decided that this is an election which they cannot win – unless they support the junta – and so should be publicly declaring that they will boycott the election, and spell out their reasons why. The only reason Prayut will (eventually – after more delays) hold an “election” is to give himself and his “government” the veneer of respectability and legitimacy, which will make him feel more confident when he struts about on the international stage.

Everything about the run-up to this bogus election stinks – and sincere political parties should call it out for what it is. They’ve got nothing to lose – because they are not going to win anyway. The winner has already been decided. It will be (surprise, surprise) Prayut.

Eligius (ThaiVisa)