China is no innocent victim in this trade brawl

your say October 11, 2018 01:00

Re: “The real reason America has declared war on China”, Have Your Say, October 10.

Here we go again. If you criticise Israel, it’s anti-Semitic; Islam, Islamophobia; China, xenophobic hysteria.

I’m shocked to learn that Russia, Iran and Venezuela are selling their oil to China in yuan. No kidding! Aren’t all three America’s bosom buddies? Maybe that’s why millions of Venezuelans are scurrying out of the country because they have nothing to eat.

Trump is doing what he promised in his election campaign: reducing the trade deficit with China. A trade deficit is not that bad if the game is fair. But not if its rigged by crooked methods like currency manipulation, intellectual property theft, polluting of the environment, worker abuses, union busting, illegal subsidies, and a whole host of other good stuff China is famous for.

I’m not a Trump fan but I like the way he stands up to China with his beady stare and pursed lips, hissing, “If you want to play hard ball, fine!” I wish EU leaders would do the same. 

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