Came to Thailand for fantastic MotoGP, stayed for a holiday 

your say October 10, 2018 01:00

Re: “Why some foreign fans won’t be back for Thai MotoGP next year”, Have Your Say, yesterday.

I read the letter complaining about the facilities and coverage of the races on Sunday. Our experience was totally opposite. We flew into Buri Ram and we were greeted with traditional Thai dancers along with magnificent elephants outside the terminal. 

Courtesy buses took us straight to the circuit and our tickets got us straight into our side grandstands. 

The track ran very colourful shuttle buses all day long to help get you across to different areas – all done with a smile.

Drinks and food and toilet facilities were all easily accessible. 

Finally the courtesy buses took us back to the airport at the end of a great day’s racing. 

We came all the way from England for the races and made a two-week holiday around it. 


J Chadderton