Sex work is more complicated 

your say October 06, 2018 01:00

Re: “Time to rethink prostitution ban, say experts”, September 1.

It takes no expert to make note of the hypocrisy of sex work being illegal when it is clear that sex work is a major feature of several thousand licensed entertainment businesses. It is not a time to legalise sex work, which usually brings problems from government regulation, but it is time to decriminalise it. Take laws against sex work off the books completely. Other laws cover every excuse used to criminalise sex work.  

Thai people opposed to sex work are often the foreign-educated, upper class. In this oligarchical system, huge numbers of poor people depend of sex work as the best job available to them. Attacking sex work is an attack on remittances that often sustain the lower classes of society.    

It is clear that Thai sex work should not be confused with sex trafficking elsewhere. There is evidence that the involvement of those under 18 is low and in decline.   

There is substantial evidence, from demographers and sociologists, that loneliness is endemic in most of the developed world. Thailand is an oasis for lonely men, and it is unknown how much influence that has on Thai tourism. How important will it be if a small cohort of Thai people cease to force American conservative sex culture on Thailand?

John Kane