Thailand oblivious to Champions League?

your say September 22, 2018 01:00

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Thailand has the dubious honour of being one of the very few countries on Earth that does not broadcast the football Champions League, with North Korea as not-so-reputable company.

I assume you cannot watch it in Yemen, either. But each normal, civilised country offers coverage of this huge sporting event. 

Especially if that country enjoys tens of million of tourist visits, at least some of whom would like to watch quality football while away from home.

I know of a group of friends who cancelled a Thailand trip when they were told they would not be able to watch the CL here. 

I am also talking about the huge number of Thai fans who are left high and dry. It would be very arrogant of the powers-that-be to assume that the tourists will keep on flooding into Thailand no matter what.

I wonder if this message and similar ones will ever reach the decision-makers here.

Dr Andres Kanos

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