In Thai farmers’ blood, a warning for us all

your say September 20, 2018 01:00

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Re: “Blood tests conducted on farmers shows contamination with toxic farm chemicals”, The Nation, yesterday.

Can’t be right. The Agriculture Department thinks chemicals are safe ... otherwise they would have banned them! Betagro will concur.


 Actually TCCC (the Thai Central Chemical Company) are the largest supplier of agro-chemicals in Thailand.  The largest single shareholder being SOJITZ Corporation, a Japanese company (see I doubt if their executives will have too much concern about the poor Thai farmers’ suffering.


Nothing will happen while certain politicians, senior civil servants and hand-selected doctors are in the pockets of the chemical companies. What other reason could be there be for not banning these deadly chemicals?

Corruption is everywhere in Thailand and the PM says he is going to fix it… phooey!


And just how much of this poison remains in the plants which become our food? Not just a problem for farmers. Since there is no immediate cause-and-effect reaction from this crap, the majority remain ignorant they are slowly being poisoned.


While I am also in favour of restricting use of these toxic farm chemicals, the skin disorders they cause would also happen to workers without protective clothing in a laundry or paint shop.

I can imagine how most farmers apply these chemicals: no mouth cover at all, short pants and flip flops. Even organic or low-hazard chemicals can lead to skin irritation.