At Bt100 billion, corruption one of Thailand’s biggest ‘industries’

your say September 20, 2018 01:00

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Re: “The cost of corruption: Bt100 billion”, The Nation, yesterday.

“Also, law enforcement is not effective enough although this government has issued a lot of good anti-corruption laws,” says the academic cited.

It is a bit shocking that a “respected” academic would think that the issuance of laws somehow affects corruption; that is the thinking of a bureaucrat who doesn’t get out much.

 Corruption is a complex issue that requires a multifaceted, generational approach to deal with.

 However, there is one basic step that would have immediate consequences for the fight against corruption; penalise the people who steal. Seriously. Over and over again, we read about bureaucrats and/or state employees who are caught stealing (especially from the most vulnerable!) and nothing happens to them, other than perhaps a “transfer” to a different position.

 The next time a state employee, any state employee, is caught ripping off funds, splash their picture across every newspaper and website there is, put them in handcuffs and march them through the streets, and invite the public to see them getting their ass tossed in jail.

 Until the PTB are willing to take that first step, corruption will grow and thrive.

Samui Bodoh

“Corruption in the bureaucracy will cost the country up to Bt100 billion this fiscal year, an expert on graft revealed yesterday.”

And what did Prayut brag about, when he shot his way into Government House and on to the TV screens? He said that the NCPO would “fight corruption and enact political reforms”. What a bloody joker.


“PM says Thailand will be corruption-free in 20 years”

That vow was made in September 2016, so only 18 years to go.

Fine words but as usual no action plan to match the words. Corruption is so deeply rooted from the top down that nothing can fix it.