Concern at immigrant crime wave does not make you a neo-Nazi

your say September 20, 2018 01:00

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In my September 6 letter, “Chemnitz – an omen for the future”, I excoriated the mainstream media for discrediting the mourners with accusations of neo-Nazism, and predicted that we shall see many more Chemnitz-style protests against migrant violence.

Sadly, I did not have long to wait. The following Sunday, several thousand of the good people of Koethen, eastern Germany, staged a march following the murder of “Markus B” who was beaten to death by two Afghan migrants the day before, and once again the marchers were branded as “far right”.

My words have since been echoed by Hans-Georg Massen who, as head of Germany’s domestic intelligence service, knows better than the rest of us what’s really going on: “I share the scepticism towards media reports of right-wing extremists chasing down foreigners in Chemnitz. Based on my cautious assessment, there are good reasons to believe that this was intentional false information, possibly to detract attention from the murder in Chemnitz.”

An alternative phrase for “intentional false information” is “deliberate lies”. Believe the mainstream media at your peril.

Nigel Pike

Phang Nga