Sex assault allegation not the only problem for Supreme Court candidate

your say September 19, 2018 01:00

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Re: “Prof speaks about ‘sexual assault’ by Trump Supreme Court pick,” Quick News, September 18.

Aside from the accusation of attempted rape while he was still in high school, there is another reason why Judge Brett Kavanaugh should not be elevated to the US Supreme Court.

During the recent Senate Judiciary Committee hearings, some of which I watched on CNN, Judge Kavanaugh refused to answer hypothetical questions. Why not, pray? Refusing to answer such questions comes across as just a tad weasel-waffling, and also suggests judicial laziness. 

If confirmed, Judge Kavanaugh will be required to pronounce judgement on a variety of complex and difficult issues of national importance. If he had any faith in his own judgement, you’d think he’d be eager to demonstrate his competence in advance by answering as many hypothetical questions as the committee cared to ask. Call them practice runs for the real thing. By doing so successfully, he could convert committee members who doubt his judicial skills and win their votes. But instead he weasel-waffles and hides behind the “Ew, I shan’t answer any hypothetical questions” dodge.

Not an auspicious omen for brave and brilliant judgements yet to come. It’s been predicted that this guy will throw the Supreme Court into the Dark Ages for the next 30 years. If I may be excused for riffing on a famous judgement by Jesus Christ, let the committee member who is without sin cast the first vote for him.

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