Putin in dock for assassination, US leaders free to commit mass murder 

your say September 17, 2018 01:00

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Re: “A murderer can hardly be a ‘victim’” and “Putin makes sure there’s never hard evidence”, Letters, The Nation Weekend, September 15-16.

I hesitate to comment or argue with Alf Haupt and Andy Leitner on a conclusion they so steadfastly believe is true, even if much of their “evidence” is based on speculation and presumptions. Frankly I do not know which side to take.

But what I do know is that several recent wars have been engineered by the US, a country which Alf Haupt wholeheartedly praises as the shining star of Planet Earth. These wars, notably in Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq, together claimed more than a million lives. Yet apparently neither Alf nor Andy believe these mass killings outweigh the assassination of one Russian ex-spy.

If they can call Putin a “cold-blooded” murderer, can we call George W Bush a “hot-blooded” murderer for the revenge he sought because “Saddam Hussein tried to kill my dad”? Or name Barack Obama a “cool-blooded” murderer for the hundreds of secret drone bombings that he authorised while we were watching the late night show?

Yingwai Suchaovanich

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