Does Thammasat want to produce sex objects or intelligent graduates?

your say September 17, 2018 01:00

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Re: “Thammasat answers ‘racy’ poster critics”, National News, September 14.

The billboards with “gorgeous” head and bare-shoulder shots of 15 former Thammasat University cheerleaders, which are meant to inspire current students to join this year’s cheer-leading team, are divisive and inappropriate.

Thammasat should be producing graduates with intelligence and leadership qualities rather than seeking to showcase its young students’ sex appeal.

The university should be aware that even in the US, the Miss America contest has scrapped the swimsuit segment from its pageant. The contest will no longer judge candidates solely on their outward physical appearance but will focus instead on their talents and social-impact initiatives.

Thammasat needs to wake up!

Chavalit Wannawijitr

Chiang Mai