A murderer can hardly be a ‘victim’

your say September 15, 2018 01:00

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Re: “Real victim in the Salisbury poisoning drama is Putin”, Have Your Say, September 14.

I could not believe what I was reading – Putin a victim! And all of us have a little bit of Putin in us? Speak for yourself, my friend. I have said on several occasions that we can thank our lucky stars that the US is the current world power and not Russia.

The real victims are the countless people who have been murdered in cold blood by Putin and his thugs. That includes 300-odd people aboard the commercial flight shot down over Ukraine by a Russian missile from a Russian brigade and the countless others murdered by separatists in Ukraine – again aided, abetted and financed by Putin. Not to speak about Syria and the many other Russians murdered by the KGB. 

A programme on the BBC three to four months ago featured many Russians who were murdered, presumably by the KGB, in various countries around the world. These deaths were not reported in the mainstream media. 

Alf Haupt

Chon Buri