Are Americans happier under Trump? Just look at the job figures

your say September 10, 2018 01:00

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Re: “Is quality of life rising for Americans? Let’s look at the polls”, Have Your Say, September 7. 

This naive letter-writer (Eric Bahrt) looks at polls to see if the Yanks are happy or not. If he does not know by now how inaccurate polls are, he has learnt nothing since the last US election. 

Wages in the United States are rising at their fastest pace in nine years. Joblessness is at a 48-year low! The job market is so tight that businesses have to compete for workers and many managers and owners are complaining bitterly that they cannot find suitable workers. At present there are more job openings than unemployed Americans. Nothing in life would make me more happy than to know that should the boss not like my work performance, I could walk around the corner and find alternative employment. YES! Thank you, Donald Trump. 

Alf Haupt 

Chon Buri