Democrats will sell themselves body and soul to military  

your say September 06, 2018 01:00

Re: “Democrats caught in ‘hate triangle’ of Thai politics”, Stoppage Time, yesterday.

I find it hard to make sense of Thai politics resembling “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”. The Three Kingdoms were three powerful blocks that fought and plotted to achieve dominance for almost 100 years. Romancing the military by giving them legitimacy as part of the political struggle is a big selling-out of the ordinary people. 

The military simply has no place in Thai politics and the manner in which they used their might to overturn elected governments and commit atrocities on citizens is not acceptable, period. They have changed the constitution countless times after coups and, with the help of the establishment, written laws which only benefited them, allowing them to continue their domination over the people. The Democrats should be ashamed of themselves, being the oldest party and ditching any principles by whoring themselves to the military. They will never change under Abhisit. No romance here. Instead only a struggle of the common people against the establishment and the military, maybe resembling a primitive period in dynastic China.   

Eric Loh