What goes on under the table at Chiang Mai Immigration

your say September 04, 2018 01:00

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If anyone is still under the mistaken opinion that the present government is cracking down on corruption I would advise they take a day trip to the Chiang Mai Immigration to revise their opinion.

Dealing with a section of society that has little recourse to justice (foreigners), and bearing in mind that these people are dealing with a division of the police force, there is a determined effort made to reduce and restrict the flow of customers into the office on a daily basis so that frustrated and defeated applicants revert to the professional palm-greasers. 

While queuing from early morning and waiting hours in the hope of getting an appointment often bears no result, long-term stayers needing marriage or retirement extensions are well aware that Bt5,000 over the counter to a “visa agent” almost certainly results in a next-day rendezvous with the uniformed agent that we were previously told was far too busy to squeeze them in this week. Perhaps the counter-corruption agency would like to take a good look at what passes over these specific counters and see what share of the Bt5,000 stays with the agency and what passes on, or should I say under the table, to induce immigration to let in all and every customer that the agency produces while refusing the ordinary public the option to get through the door.