Study shows that increasing intake of meat, dairy protects the heart

your say August 31, 2018 01:00

Re: “Digesting the insanity of a low carb diet”, Have Your Say, yesterday.

I am sure Eric Bahrt is right to point out that fruit, grains and vegetables are better for our health than refined sugar and white flour.

However, I have always believed that Mr Bahrt and his vegan/vegetarian fellow travellers are on shakier ground when they warn of the supposed health risks arising from consuming meat and dairy products, and they might be interested in a global study conducted by McMaster University in Canada, in which 220,000 people participated. The results showed that consuming twice the daily intake of meat and dairy currently recommended by health experts actually reduced the risk of early death by a remarkable 25 per cent. One of the interesting findings of the study was that the saturated fat in meat and dairy appears to protect the heart.

These findings are very good news, and although it is prudent to take all such scientific studies with a pinch of salt, I never had any doubt that my diet was healthy and nourishing. By the way, I notice that locally produced milk here in Thailand is about one third of the cost of almond milk imported from Australia. These trendy alternatives to good honest food are fine for those who can afford them, but cows’ milk is the best option, especially for folks on modest incomes.

Robin Grant

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